Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mmmm Miami

remember my photos of Miami?
Here's a Miami page from my sketchbook, and lots of bright, sunny, tropical, happy colors, yeahhhhh.


Coloribus said...

I like your doodles ! That's the imaginary which runs in freedom and it's a relaxing game very inventive :o)

Victoria said...

Very fun!
I sure could use some Miami warmth right now!

Owl Eng said...

there is so much fun and imagination in your doodles! it makes me want to fall in love with the sunny days again

. said...

Amazing photo ;) i like your travel photo.
Have a nice day, Amy.
Kind regards. Thanks for drop in my blog :D

yoon see said...

Looking great!
I trust that you have a great holiday yeah Amy!
Yeah...He..He..We all got MMM