Thursday, October 1, 2009

sketchy scrapbook

a page from my trusty old friend, scrappy sketchy book. I like to collect lots of images from old magazines and then stick them in one place. Then I just cannot resist drawing and coloring on the same page.
I love packaging and can be a real sucker for a lovely bit of packaging and have been known to buy an item of food just for its packaging - not the contents!

I love all the packaging on this page:
Benefit make-up
Cricket cola
I always love visiting the Carluccio's delicatessen whenever we happen to be in London.


Amberbop said...

This page is fantastic, of course you know how prone to sketchy I am. Your colors are so fun and flirty. I'm a sucker for all packaging. Even with all the packaging classes I had in college. If it's bold or pretty or sparkling I'll fall for it every time

Desiree Cassidy said...

Love it!!! Its so happy and girly! Wonderful :)

yoon see said...

Wow! Really cool Amy!
Thanks, as least I know I am not alone being a so call half vegetarian.
Happy weekends:)

caroladas said...

I love this page. Very nice. I discovered the scrap a manth ago, and it is very interesting.

serline said...

I can see colors in the red family that are the most attention-grabbing, mysterious, friendly and sophisticated. Thanks for visiting my blog, Amy.

Little Sparrow said...

I love a bit of packaging to!! Japanese packaging in particular, its so colourful, :D i'm loving your scrap book page to by the way it looks great!!

have a good day :)

Sid x

Emily said...

Very cool post!
I fall victim to this indulgence too...hihi

Coloribus said...

I like also the packaging : their creativity in the colors and the forms. Do you know this site >>>

There are many beautiful works to see, for example >>>

Purple Greetings Cards said...

... love your scrapbook, thank you for sharing it!