Thursday, September 10, 2009


Another page from the gridded sketchbook.
Some of these designs have been published on cards and some bits for magazine articles, these are teeny sketches drawn with my teeny 0.3 pencil lead.
From me and that happy cupcake, have a great Thursday.


Victoria said...

Always a treat to get to peak at your marvelous sketchbooks! (I think that cupcake would look swell sporting that sombrero!)

Amy C said...

oh Victoria that's such a cute and cool idea, I LOVE it.

Owl Eng said...

love every layout you have sketched here. so spontaneous and effortless!

Elyse said...

very cool. i really like the cakes!

i think i'm hungry - LOL


Asja said...

oh, i adore that happy cupcake!

yoon see said...

Yeah, I love your little imagination that turns big and being published into cards.
Thanks for sharing. I love to see the process!
Keep it up Amy:)

pilarcat said...

I love the happy cupcake.
Makes me smile :-)

marie-louise said...

I want to see more!