Monday, June 9, 2008

Madison Park Cards (Fathers Day......)

Its Fathers Day this Sunday, the top is my Fathers Day card
the bear is a thank you card and the 
monkeys are a birthday card


Victoria said...

These are so cute! have you ever thought about doing a children's book, or children's animation? I think you would be great at that, too!

Amy C said...

funny you should say that, I did a childrens book last year, it was a counting book for an educational publisher.
I am also working on an uncommissioned one at the moment this time a friend wrote it, hopefully a publisher will fall in love with it, stay tuned.....!!!
Animation - I would LOVE to do that.

Marie-Louise said...

Very sweet illustrations!

Dragana Savkov-Bajic said...

I like your cards. These little bears with flowers are so cute. I love them.